Cadence of Tomorrow: Youth Ascending -UN-HABITAT Youth Summit Tunisia


A symphony of youth, art, and sustainability intertwines at the Youth Summit. Together, we craft a harmonious future. Œcumene Spaces For Dignity leads the way.
Insaf BEN OTHMANE HAMROUNI Founder of Oecumene Spaces For Dignity intervention at UN-Habitat Youth Summit

The enchanting art of Community Curation

We joyfully joined the UN-Habitat Tunisia Team and partners at this visionary Youth Summit. I am Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, a Spatial Agent, Urban Strategist, and Researcher in humanitarian engineering, development, and the enchanting art of community curation.

Amidst the kaleidoscope of experiences, our magnum opus, Œcumene Studio, came alive – a collective of extraordinary souls converging from every corner of the globe. For a decade, we’ve been fervently constructing an innovative infrastructure, a catalyst for transformative change in Africa and the Middle East, where collective design weaves communities into harmonious tapestries of coexistence.

Our mission stretches far and wide – a guiding light for governments, civil society, private entities, individuals, and spirited social groups. Together, we cultivate innovative projects, initiatives, and movements, woven from the threads of community development, resilience, and participatory integrated action plans, all nurtured by the tender care of critical thinking.

The Œcumene : the embodiment of Earth’s interconnectedness with humanity

Oh, but the heart of this session beats to the rhythm of ‘Youth.’ Youth, not just an age, but a symphony of aspiration and metamorphosis, transcending time and space in our ever-evolving world. In this whirlwind of possibilities, let us embrace the spirit of youth with open arms, liberating them from burdens, showering them with knowledge, and igniting the torch of leadership and shared purpose.

As we delve into the mesmerizing realm of Œcumene, the embodiment of Earth’s interconnectedness with humanity, we uncover secrets veiled in spatial justice and entangled in the tendrils of climate injustice. Our minds soar with technological prowess, yet it’s the alchemy of personal and collective transformation that births true metamorphosis, a tapestry of perspectives and attitudes rewoven for a harmonious existence.

With vulnerability embracing us, our dance with destiny invokes poetic notions of coexistence, rhythm, and symbiosis, words now etched into our souls as questions – beckoning us to redefine our purpose, our existence. It’s the art of ecological aesthetics dancing in the arms of ecological transition, dissolving boundaries to reveal the intricate tapestry of life’s interconnectivity.

Art, the weaver of dreams, assumes a transformative role, spinning a tale that transcends anthropocentric beliefs, beckoning us to renature culture and recultivate nature. For humanity and Earth, oh, they’re bound by threads of intertwined destinies, a love affair of cosmic proportions where harmony, not dominion, reigns supreme.

For a symphony of belonging

Dear travelers on this voyage, let us navigate the unlivable questions, reshaping our relationship with the planet, with each other, and within ourselves. A symphony of belonging emerges, where living ecologies blossom with shared values and stories of a shared history – it’s a canvas of sustainability painted with the colors of unity.

As we journey through the ever-shifting landscape of life, we don’t seek answers, but rather the audacity to question, the wisdom to comprehend complexity, and the courage to act. Let the rhythm of togetherness guide us, weaving together fragments of existence, where art, science, and human spirit coalesce into a tapestry of purposeful engagement.

Together, we bridge the chasm between humanity and Earth, embracing our place in the grand design, where attachment to our surroundings fills life with meaning. With every brushstroke of collective wisdom and artistic expression, we envision a sustainable future, enriched by the brilliance of diversity and complexity.

So, as we bid adieu to this Summit, let’s carry forth the sparks of inspiration, nurturing them into a wildfire of change. For in unity lies the power to reinvent ourselves and our world, crafting a symphony of belonging where art and sustainability dance hand in hand, entwined in a mesmerizing tale of hope and resilience.

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