Ala Abouh’ Vernissage: A Collaborative Urban Exhibition by Oecumene Studio

In the heart of the city, the ‘Ala Abouh’ Vernissage transformed everyday urban spaces into a tapestry of art and expression. Curated by Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, the visionary behind Oecumene Studio, and the dynamic Carla Schwarz, this exhibition emerged as a captivating blend of artistry from a multitude of disciplines. Each performer, with their unique style, collaborated to create spontaneous masterpieces that resonated with the soul of ‘Ala Abouh’. Over two weeks, the anticipation built, as preparations unfolded, leading to a crescendo on May 23-24, 2015. The atmosphere was electric, as spectators were drawn into the narrative of each artistic creation, making it a memorable two-day celebration of urban creativity.

#tactical urbanism

Location / Period

Geziret El-Dahab, Cairo – 2014

Caracteristic Elements:

  • Use of local building materials, eg. Bricks, recycled tiles, reeds.
  • Participatory design and construction with the local community (craftsmen, students, teachers)
  • Construction site at High Intensity of Labor


Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, Omar Wanas, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Carla Schwarz.

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