People & dignity are in the heart of our practice

However, the new organization may be well thought out structurally, it can be questioned by the humans it is supposed to improve the condition and destiny of. Because if humans do not change daily to reach generosity, compassion, ethics, and equity, society cannot change sustainably. One can eat organic, recycle waste and wastewater, use solar energy for heating, and exploit others. This is not incompatible.

We aim for Dignified spaces of coexistence

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, decent and aesthetic built environment, key component for sustainable, resilient communities and inhabited world. 


Integrated planning

We develop context based strategies for sustainable integrated projects using participatory approaches and creative thinking processes. We do focus not only on the results but also on the design of our research, development & construction processes.​

Participatory urban planning and design projects

We conduct holistic participatory need assessments and feasibility studies using a wide range of methodologies and approaches. We develop projects from ideas to implementation tackling economic, social, environmental and cultural issues using innovative tools.

Architecture of Impact & Cost effective construction

We're dedicated to socially-focused design and build projects that promote high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable local building systems. By sharing knowledge and encouraging communities to develop their own techniques, we empower them to reconnect with their local heritage. Our projects take a holistic approach, transforming spaces, buildings, neighborhoods. Let us help your community bring its vision to life!

Research, Training and Advisory

We want to bring a new approach to more inclusive, dignified and integrated urban planning and sustainable design. We conduct research studies in the fields of architecture, urban planning, sustainable construction, political science. We deliver training and hands-on workshops using our own tools and materials. We design, organize public seminars and exhibitions where we encourage youth and community to take part of it.

inclusive. resilient community

We promote equity, inclusion, and social development through our ideas, projects, initiatives, programs and trainings.​

Explore a Selection of our work

Selection of Projects | Training workshops | initiatives and programs.

Fus-ha For vibrant urban space in Saoudi Arabia

Fus-ha, an initiative led by Sara Islam, co-founder of Mazj, and Insaf ben Othmane Hamrouni, co-founder of Œcumene Spaces For Dignity, is a community urban lab where creatives, residents, and city actors converge. Through design and art, Fus-ha aims to rediscover, reimagine, and reshape a co-produced vibrant and harmonious urban habitat in Khobar. At its core, the project places community participation as its guiding principle, recognizing the crucial role every person in our community plays in crafting a sustainable and thriving cityscape. Fus-ha provides a platform for artists, designers, and community members to collaborate and co-create innovative approaches.

Faire La Ville Ensemble - Campus AFD Mapping participatory bottom up action and initiatives

Cartographie de projets participatifs en Afrique et dans le monde – Participatory projects mapping in Africa 

El-Houma Khir

El-houma khir aims to make public spaces in Tunisia more inclusive. It embrace placemaking through a series of workshops at the Medina of Tunis with a number of local partners offering the opportunity to the local community and in particular the youth to think and design their spaces in order to make them more inclusive

TPSSMSP: Tataouine Public Space Social Media Sensing Platform

Social media sensing has been widely employed in business, social sciences, and it is now being expanded to disciplines concerned with the built environment. In TPSSMSP, this method is used to investigate local community opinions on public spaces and public space initiatives in Tataouine, Tunisia.

ذاكرة المكان - Mémoire des lieux-milieux - Memory of Space

According to Pierre Nora: “Places of memory are first and foremost leftovers. The extreme form in which a commemorative consciousness subsists in a story that calls for it, because it ignores it. (…) He also says “a place of memory in every sense of the word goes from the most material and concrete object, possibly geographically located, to the most abstract and intellectually constructed object


“En Afrique, comme dans le monde, la ville ne peut plus se faire sans les habitants, les usagers, les acteurs économiques, associatifs, experts, opérationnels, et ce, à tous les stades du projet (de sa conception à sa mise en œuvre). Si les expérimentations entre acteurs s’inventent et se multiplient en Afrique, la reconfiguration des rôles de chacun implique de nouveaux modes de faire ; « Faire avec » mais surtout « Faire ensemble » pour « Faire autrement ».  Check our MOOC at :

Woujoud Interactive heritage itinerary

The project is about building bridges between Al Mina archaeological site in Tyre – Lebanon and the surrounding neighbourhoods by ‘stitching’ them together through artistic interventions by, for and with the local community.

Green certification crowdmapping

This map is a crowdsourcing map for Green certification projects across Africa (blue labels) and initiatives relating to construction materials (orange labels). The map identifies projects registered or accredited under non-African and African energy labels.

SIWI: Inclusive Heritage Urban Transition – Siwa,Egypt

SIWI aims to bring the local community, local NGOs together with the City Council, governmental and Academic bodies, researchers and experts striving to work on raising awareness, safeguarding of the oasis’s Architectural heritage.

NASS WA MASSAHAT - People & places
Rewriting narrative of the production of space in MENA Region

The Placemaking MENA PLATFORM connects people and initiatives from the Middle East & North Africa countries and territories of common history, culture and human transformations that requestion, reshape the trending Placemaking concept to improve and activate public spaces. We gather partners such as professionals, practitioners, activists, municipalities, and organizations for open debate and critical thinking process. 

Climate Injustice & Community Art in Tunisia

Eco’Logic_CAP – INJUSTICE CLIMATIQUE / JUSTICE CLIMATIQUE – Initiated and implemented by Collectif Créatif Tunisia – Mentorship of community arts projects.

Women Mapping in Africa

Discover the power of women leaders in Africa through our crowd mapping initiative. Join us in fostering connections and empowering these impactful women as we highlight their remarkable work, creating a network of strength and inspiration across the continent : Made with believe in Gender Justice

Architectureforchange - Genius tempus

ArchitectureForChange .// At the margin of the discipline; is a collective platform offering series of workshops, seminars that aim to foster knowledge exchange and to track innovations, different practices in the field of Architecture and in particular in the Middle East and Africa.

Dari / Darilab

Dari project aims to design and build a safe and child-friendly environment in two Or­phanage houses in the district of Shoubra through encouraging the children and the staff to participate within the project pro­cess in improving their surrounding environ­ments in which they live and interact.

Lelkol - incubation of community projects for the public realm

Lelkol is an online incubation Workshop for Place-making projects initiated with PLACEMAKINGMENAPlatform. Projects are initiated by community members, organisations and placemakers.

Agrictecteur-ElHouma - Reappropriation of Public space through urban agriculture

Inclusiveness and appropriation of public space by young people through urban agriculture in Tunisia.

Mutibwa housing project -Land Tenure - Right for housing - Women in Uganda

Design and Build Cost-effective housing units for vulnerable women in particular widows and single mothers, in Uganda.

WeGanda: Women empowerment centre

A centre to empower women for resilience and sustainability is a multifunctional self-organised empowerment and innovation centre in design, and construction for, with and by all Women and Girls in Uganda.

B'Ni Khaled Primary School

Support and monitor local NGO, ASM B’ni Khaled to develop and implement a participatory renovation project for a primary school in the rural area of Nabeul Governorate in Tunisia.

Hia : Women And Child-Friendly Spaces

Funded by UNHCR, the project addressed the activation of an existing outdoor space to outreach the Syrian community by Terre Des Hommes for and with the local Syrian and Egyptian commu­nity of the Public Garden in New Damietta.

Collectif Créatif

Ecologic Cap


We had the immense pleasure of being part of the project Eco’Logic_CAP – CLIMATE INJUSTICE / CLIMATE JUSTICE, which we co-built and co-designed with the community. The project involved exploring human issues related to climate change through art and design.

We encourage you to follow the projects of @collectifcréatif Tunisia and the artists whose work will continue, aiming to further co-construct an advocacy for climate justice.

*Eco’Logic CAP is a program of the Collectif Créatif Tunis, supported by Hivos through the #VCA (Voices for Climate Action) alliance.

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