Dari project aims to design and build a safe and child-friendly environment in two Orphanage houses in the district of Shoubra through encouraging the children and the staff to participate within the project process in improving their surrounding environ-ments in which they live and interact. Dari team  co-designed  with the participation of Finer Arts students and playworkers the unique outdoor spaces in these houses: The roofs to make it a space to learn, to play and to socialize.

Duration: 2 months / Realization : 1 week

#Safe and child Friendly


Shoubra, Cairo – Egypt

Client/Partner: ​

  • Waqe3 Tany for Holistic Development
  • Sadat Organization for Development and Social Care
  • Ministry of Social Solidarity

Caracteristic Elements:​

  • Use of local building materials, eg. Bricks, recycled tiles, reeds.
  • Participatory design and construction with the local community (craftsmen, students, teachers)
  • Construction site at High Intensity of Labor


Insaf Ben Othmane H. Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Heba ElHanafy, Housh Lab. 


“Authorized children’s photos – Published 5 years after capture”

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