Œcumene Spaces For Dignity & Œcumene Studio are committed, cooperative co-founded by both architects and urban planners Insaf ben othmane hamrouni (Tunisia) and Omar Wanas (Egypt).
 It has spent the past decade constructing an innovative infrastructure for transformative change in Africa and the Middle East. 

Our believes

We believe in the power of collective intelligence
(co-design and co-construction) in rewriting narratives, creating spaces for dialogue, empowering local communities, and creating spaces for coexistence.

Our community is truly global, uniting incredible individuals from every corner of the world. 

Œcumene Spaces For Dignity
guiding principles

Embrace Diverse Narratives

We commit to embracing the intersecting identities and experiences within our urban environments.

Challenge Perspectives

We understand that bias and preconceived notions can limit our vision. We pledge to challenge our own perspectives, promoting empathy and understanding among our planning team.

Amplify Unheard Voices

We stand committed to actively listening to voices that have been historically marginalized.

Design for Inclusivity

We believe that urban planning should be a tool for social justice. Our designs will not only focus on aesthetics but also prioritize inclusivity and accessibility.

Weave Voices into Urban Fabric

Our goal is to weave the voices and experiences of individuals from all walks of life into the very fabric of our urban landscapes. By doing so, we create environments that symbolize unity, respect, and shared humanity.

Commitment to Equitable Spaces

We are dedicated to developing urban landscapes where every voice is heard and every identity is valued. This commitment ensures that our planning process acknowledges historical injustices and actively works toward equitable outcomes.

who we are

We respond to today's most urgent challenges

Rapid Urbanization: A Call to Reinterpret the Common

As urban areas undergo rapid expansion, they grapple with escalating complexities. These include burgeoning urban inequality, infrastructure at the brink of collapse, flawed urban planning policies, and the persistent threat of climate change. To navigate these challenges, we must reinterpret our shared understanding and approach to urban development.

Traditional approaches & sense of belonging

Traditional, top-down strategies implemented to address urban issues often fall short, as they need to cater to various inhabitants' diverse needs and expectations. In our pursuit of urban development, a more inclusive and participatory approach is essential to foster a shared sense of belonging within the community.

Fostering Coexistence: Building Communities through Innovation

The escalating complexities of urban challenges necessitate a shift in approach. The demand for solutions is leaning towards participatory, innovative, and data-driven methodologies. By embracing these strategies, we can address urban challenges more effectively and build communities centred on coexistence.

" "Society will change when morality and ethics become a part of our thinking." - Pierre Rabhi "

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