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The diversity in backgrounds and topics of specialty of the Oecumene Studio growing team enables the orchestration of the numerated disciplines in each project and by such addressing the endeavor as holistic, innovative as possible. Throughout this process, Oecumene Studio networks actively engages with local stakeholders (NGOs, experts, Craftsmen) in the area of intervention yielding capacity building of the local community while reaching the overall goal. Our projects focus on the process and on implementation (Construction) while experimenting new tools and ways of thinking.

In development fields, skills and knowledge in community development, conflict resolution, participatory approach, team buildings and tailored solutions had to be found to insure the project implementation,  to minimize costs and to maximize benefits while responding to the evolving needs and priorities along the project.

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Meet Œcumene Studio family

We are passionates individuals, Good listeners, Very flexible, with strong determination to deliver successfully our projects and missions, Good team players, Honest and Ethical and  Humanists.

Omar Wanas

Co-Founder - Architect, Landscape designer and sustainable construction and energy building specialist

Lara Marie Wermeille Paris

Executive - Architect, Philosopher, Curator

Our Strategic Alliance

Meet Yalla Cooperative Family

A shared vision and a shared mission. 

Erica Gasparini

Erica: Erica is an agile project manager with a decade of experience. Throughout her career, she has worked on a variety of topics and products, including major eCommerce companies like, Adidas, and Bug.

Lina Ayesh

Lina is the operations and delivery manager, with 7 years of experience in digital transformation. She has worked with various non-profits, overseeing projects from start to finish.

“Despite the overwhelming evidence of the contribution of volunteers to development, they often remain at the margins of the development debate.”

— Helen Clark, United Nations Development Program administrator