A SCHOOLYARDFORALL حوش يجمعنا​ - Original

June 2014
Preparation & PNA

3 weeks

July 2014
Participatory workshop

10 days

July 2014

11 days

YGAMA’NA GAMA-SA was the first of a series of projects that aimed to address the integration of Syrian Students in Egyptian Governmental schools through the Co- design of the open space that gathers all students alike in the activity of play, socializing and recreation, which is the “Schoolyard”. The project was first implemented in a preparatory and prima-ry-stage mixed school in Gamasa, Egypt.


Location / Period​

Gamasa, Egypt – 2014

Client/Partner: ​

UNHCR EGYPT- Community Support Programme “CSP”

Caracteristic Elements:​

  • Use of local building materials, eg. Bricks, recycled tiles, reeds.
  • Participatory design and construction with the local community (craftsmen, students, teachers)
  • Construction site at High Intensity of Labor


Insaf Ben Othmane H., Omar Wanas, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Nouran Azouz, Roisin Wanas, Mohamed Karam, Bassem Hany, Fagnoon Art, Ahmed Borham, UNHCR CSP UNIT and Regional and Local Communites.