Lelkol - Online incubation of Community projects by youth

LE’LKOL, initiative is an online incubation Workshop for Placemaking projects in MENA. Initiated by PLACE MAKING MENA Platform, co-founded by Oecumene Studio and Place making Mena.


#|Placemaking MENA

Lelkol is an online incubation Workshop for Placemaking projects in MENA. Supported by PLACEMAKINGMENAPlatform co-founded by Œcumene Studio and Placemakingmena – by Insaf ben Othmane Hamrouni. ⥥ ⥥ ⥥ 5 Placemaking incubations, 5 teams, in 5 countries, 5 Actions in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Lebanon and Kuwait. Actions are initiated by community members, organisations and placemakers. The program is divided in 2 phases. During the first one, 10 online workshops sessions. More than 20 private tutoring sessions, field visits, interviews, participatory need assessment took place from November 2020 to February 2021. The second phase is ongoing. This initiative is not funded and based on individuals contributions from the Network.

What is the Khartoum Living Intersections Project (Taquatuat) ?

Khartoum Taqatuat aims to utilize the financial, social, and economic potential of cities through urban regeneration. By focusing on the potential of street intersections Taqatuat uses place making to bring together communities and intrigue a sense of place attachment creating stronger connections between people and place. The outcome will then be a shared vision of the various stakeholders where people become an integral part of shaping the city and improving the surrounding environment. Project Goal and objectives:Towards intersections that are more sustainable, liveable, diverse, safe and happy for all!

Masahit Alhayy - مساحة الحي - Lelkol Project - Jordan

Launched and directed by Sara Nowar, this project aims at the revitalization of the culture of public spaces in Jordan. The location of this specific project, Russeifa, while being one the biggest cities in Jordan, has no inclusive and safe public spaces.

Partnering with Recycling for Education NGO that has an office in the plot of an abandoned land registered as a park, the team is using the participatory approach to transform the land into an engaging, inclusive and self-sustaining public space.

AZZIKA- مشروع أزقة - Lebanon-Lelkol Project

Started by a group of Phoenicia university students, this team is working on a specific historic location of old neighborhoods in Tyr city. Focusing on creating with the community a more inclusive neighborhood, the team is exploring how to shed light on the historical aspect and at the same time be able to create elements the community can use in using the space. The project gave birth to Woujoud initiative. 

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