“SIWI” is a community- initiative  initiated by Youssef Ibrahim community leader in SIWA Oasis and Oecumene Studio. Siwi aims to bring the local community, local NGOs e.g. Abnaa Siwa ,Siwa Community Development and Environment Conservation (SCDEC), together with the City Council ,governmental and Academic bodies, researchers and experts striving to work on raising awareness, restoring or safeguarding of the oasis’s Architectural heritage. The project’s overall objective is to preserve, protect the Siwian architectural heritage as well as define a new vision for its urban future through a holistic and integrated approach. Under the umbrella of SIWI initiative: Towards an Inclusive and Heritage-Conscious urban Transition Comes “EJOUDAR “A design and build workshop with the local community
Ejoudar is a first step in realizing SIWA ARCHITECTURE COMMUNITY CENTER (SACC) The 7 days workshop is a design and build Workshop that comes as a continuity of the existing retrofitting works done by the community. local community: children and youth works alongside with the participants of the workshop
The program also introduces a new concept of “the un-conference”. on issues related to heritage, architecture and art.

SIWI: Community based initiative


Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Client/Partner: ​

The project was initiated by Oecumene Spaces For Dignity and developed with SIWA Oasis Community

Caracteristic Elements:​

  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Threatened Heritage (tangible and intangible)
  • Community mobilization
  • Participation and collaborative work
  • Intermediation of Knowledge 
  • Rapid Need Assessment 


Ibrahim Youssef, Insaf Ben Othmane H., Omar Wanas, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Layla Zibar, Heba El-Hanafy, Hany Anwar, Mohamed Karam, somaia abolezz, Sherouk Elkhattam, Mohamed Salah. 

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