El - Houma khir

الحومة خير

First Participatory Workshop

Project Definition

Community Building 

Selection of Sites for Intervention

Les Marches de la Mosquée Zitouna - Action urbaine

Co-design workshop and placemaking First site of intervention

ElHouma Khir - Urban pop-up

Découverte sensible de la Médina de Tunis avec les enfants

Sub Label
Jnina Fel Medina - Urban farming

Co-production of green spaces in Medina - Urban farming

El-Houma Khir aims to make public spaces in Tunisia more inclusive. This initiative embraces placemaking through a series of workshops in the Medina of Tunis, collaborating with various local partners. These workshops allow the local community, especially the youth, to envision and design their spaces to be more inclusive. Participants will learn about the creation and transformation of cities through new uses while also addressing the real challenges faced by decision-makers and urban planners. El-Houma Khir is a co-production initiative and community effort dedicated to redefining common spaces and fostering community building in the contemporary world.


Medina - community


Tunis, Tunisia


Journal de la Medina – جريدة المدينة Dar El-Harka, Iccomos, ASM, ENAUVATEUR, Colléctif Créatif et Enauvateur, De Terre et D’Argile, El Warcha / Collaborative Design Studio, Doolesha, et ISTEUB.

First Workshop financed by SIDA, ASCSS

Caracteristic Elements:

  • Use of local building materials, eg. Bricks, recycled tiles, reeds.
  • Participatory design and construction with the local community (craftsmen, students, teachers)
  • Construction site at High Intensity of Labor


Insaf Ben Othmane H., Omar Wanas, Heba El Hanafy, Faika Bejaoui, Amany Hamdany, Feres Habbej, Oumeima Feikh, Aziza Yazidi ELhouma-khir Volunteers


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