AGRITECTEURS ELHOUMA​ - Cultivating Tomorrow

December 2019
Preparation & PNA

3 weeks

July 2014
Participatory workshop

10 days

July 2014

11 days

Oecumene Spaces For Dignity, commonly recognized as Oecumene Studio, is spearheading a transformative project that seeks to rejuvenate unoccupied, abandoned, and transitional public areas into thriving urban gardens cultivating edible fruits and vegetables. Beyond merely beautifying urban landscapes, this urban greening initiative aims to address multifaceted urban challenges, notably by converting urban waste into fruitful resources. Envisioned as communal hubs, these revitalized spaces will serve as platforms to enlighten and mold future generations. Urban agriculture is championed as a holistic solution under this project, serving as an educational tool for sustainable food production, fostering local economic growth, and bridging societal, political, and economic divides. The strategic pillars underpinning this initiative are: 1. Support, 2. Plan, 3. Design, 4. Realize, 5. Measure, 6. Promote, 7. Study, 8. Train, 9. Mobilize, and 10. Connect.

Urban Greening and Community Revitalization Tunisia - MENA


Tunis, Tunisia

Client/Partner: ​

Local community

Collectif Créatif : Jnina Fel M’Dina

Municipality of Tunis

Potager Ommi Faiza

Caracteristic Elements:​

  • Participation of youth and children
  • Empowerment of local enterprises and startups 
  • Building a network for urban farming in Tunisia
  • Appropriation of public space through greening


Insaf Ben Othmane H., Faika Bejaoui Amany Hamday, Aziza Yazidi, Feres Habbej, Oumeima El Fekih, Mouna Bouziri, Cyrine Kalboussi

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